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10 Questions with Winnipeg Blues Rookie Defenceman, Michael Ladyman.

10 Questions with Winnipeg Blues Rookie  defenceman, Michael Ladyman.
1. What’s it like being the youngest guy on the team?
It’s a little weird. I get chirped about being so young every once in a while but it’s nice because they can help me with my homework. However, there’s times when the older guys will be taking about some famous people or bands they liked when they were younger and I have never heard of them. It’s funny thinking I’m only in grade 11 and some of them have been graduated highs chool for three years
2. Favourite moment from your rookie season so far?
Favourite moment so far would be scoring my first MJHL goal. It is definitely a moment I’ll never forget and it was great because all of the boys were very happy for me and my family was too. It was good to have all of that support
3. Toughest player to play against?
Toughest player I’ve had to play against is Justin Metcalf on Neepewa. He’s a big guy who’s hard to move off the puck but is surprisingly shifty and fast for his big size and has a good shot so you can’t give him any room when he has the puck.
4. If you could pick anyone in the NHL to be paired up with on defence, who would it be and why?
I’d like to play a game with Dustin Byfuglien. I’m not much of a hitter so it would be fun to play with such a huge presence on the ice and giving it to someone on the point with such a hard shot would be awesome
5. Why do you wear #5?
I’ve worn 5 my whole life and I originally picked it my first year when I was 5 years old partially because of my age at the time and my big brother Mathew wears that number as well so I copied him
6. Who plays the best music and the worst music on the team?
Best music on the team is Brendan Kochanski. He plays a lot of new songs and a mix of rap and hip hop which I like. The worst has to be captain Matt Leblanc. He’s a big country music guy and that’s not my favourite.
7. Besides hockey, what’s your favourite sport to play?
Other then hockey, I love to golf. I play a lot during the summer at the Wildwood Club. I try to get a round in a couple times a week and it’s nice and close so I can just walk over.
8. Favourite thing about playing in the MJHL?
My favourite thing about playing in the MJHL is just being able to learn a lot from the vets on my team. They give me a lot of pointers and teach me how to play a better game. They’ve given me lots of advice and support. It’s really helped me grow as a junior player along with life advice helping me become a better person off the ice as well.
9. Other than the Blues of course, which MJHL team has the best jerseys?
 I like Virden’s Jersey I like the maroon they have on them matched with their helmets and gloves. I think it looks really good.
10. Favourite TV show?
I love “The Office”. I think I’ve watched the whole series about 3 times. It’s definitely the funniest show I’ve watched and it gets better with every episode. It also has a good story to it and a good ending, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.