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Graduating Player Profile – Garret Browning


Our first instalment of the 2015-16 Graduating players profiles begins with the player nicknamed “TREE” – GARRET BROWNING – # 21. Standing a modest six foot eight inches and weighing in at 240 pounds Garret was like a mighty oak tree. Placed in the role of a shutdown defenceman, Garret saw all the opposing teams’ top players on a nightly basis, in addition he was the target of every teams’ tough guys trying to prove they were top dogs. Garret didn’t shy away from either task by knocking someone down, using his long reach to knock the puck free or simply using his strength to out muscle one or more players to win a puck battle. During the playoffs his size and strength came into play on the power play in front of the opposition net – try moving him – not going to happen!


Garret moves on to the University of Jamestown in North Dakota next season. The Blues and their fans wish you good luck in your future journey!