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The Winnipeg Blues put together a gutsy effort to walk out of Winkler with a big 4-3 win.

Early on, it looked like the Blues might blow the doors off the Flyers, with Eric Fawkes and Garett Zasitko both scoring in the first 4:12.

However, the Flyers quickly responded with a nice goal by Nicholas McKee. The goal tilted the ice back to an even playing field. Justin Svenson tied the game with a nice shot late in the first.

The Blues once again came out early, with Josiah Vanderhooft scoring a nice goal 80 seconds in. This period, the Flyers quickly responded and pushed the Blues onto their back foot. Winnipeg only had one shot in the final 15 minutes of the second.

Trent Sambrook tied the game on a shot from the blue line with the man advantage. His goal was the only power play tally after the two teams combined for four last night.

The third was an intense period where both teams had great chances, but Matheiu Moreira scored his second straight game winner at 6:05 to get his team the win.

The teams will battle again on Friday, November 5 in Winkler at 7:30. Broadcast starts at 7:20 on Gametime Radio.