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Winnipeg Blues – Billet Families

While the game on the ice is now done until Late August – Early September; when training camp opens and the madness begins again, the business of running a hockey team continues on at full speed. One of the more important items is the commitment of billet families for players who come from outside Winnipeg.

A billet family is essentially a players’ home away from home. They become part of the family including their rules and chores; while having the opportunity to play the game they love….

Our billets have come in two types – either they are very involved in hockey to those empty nesters who have gone through the hockey stuff before and just want to catch another game…..

While the team provides a monthly allowance; it pales in comparison to the fond memories that come for both sides. Let’s take Drew Doughty from the LA Kings, who is regularly in touch with his billet family. And that’s just the one you hear about on TV; not to mention all the others that nobody knows about. 

If this sounds like something you and your family would be interested in getting more information about please feel free to email Cindy at canderso@mymts.net