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Winnipeg Blues Alumni Weekend

Winnipeg Blues Ownership Group, including Dave Morris, Frank Hechter and Tom Kleysen, are thrilled with the excitement of the Winnipeg Blues Alumni Weekend which includes the Induction of Grant Ledyard on Friday night, and the 2nd Annual Winnipeg Blues Alumni Games on the Saturday,  February 4th at the MTS Iceplex. The “Wiley Veterans” Alumni Game for players ages 45+ is scheduled for 5:15-6:15pm with the “Young Guns” Alumni Game for players ages 21-45 will be scheduled for 5:30-6:30pm. All Blues Alumni will receive the complimentary icetime, then head upstairs to the Press Box Lounge at MTS Iceplex for a Buffet and Beverage compliments of the Winnipeg Blues. 

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