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10 Questions with Winnipeg Blues Veteran Forward, Dale Goodbrandson.

10 Questions with Winnipeg Blues  Veteran  Forward, Dale Goodbrandson.
1) Favourite memory playing with the Blues?
Last year’s OT playoff win over OCN.
2) Why do you wear #10?
I’m named after Dale Hawerchuk and he was number 10 as well.
3) Who are your hockey idols?
Dale Hawerchuk of course, and Mark Scheifele. Scheifele’s consistent effort to improve his game is inspiring.
4) What are your future hockey goals?
Biggest goal is to win a championship again. I won one with the Winnipeg Wild and it is something I will never forget.
5) Do you have any weird pregame rituals?
Too many to count. The weirdest one would probably be for warm up I wear a beaten up pair of shoes that barley have a soul on the bottom but I refuse to give them up because hey they’re lucky.
6) Favourite postgame snack?
Grilled cheese chicken sandwiches in Neepawa for sure.
7) Any NHL players that you model your game after?
Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele. They are both right handed players that have great speed and vision. 
8) Toughest place in the MJHL to play in?
Steinbach because of their small rink and great fans. 
9) Favourite hockey movie?
 Can’t go wrong with Miracle but I’m a big fan of The Mighty Ducks series.
10) Favourite music to listen to before a big game?
 Before a big game I’ll usually be listening to a variety of Rap, Nickelback and whatever questionable music Kelton Sutherland plays before games.